Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Send in Your Requests!

I'm back and going into the office in a little while to upload videos and pictures to each child's file. Then we will compile everything and be ready to send out files to families. So send in your requests if you're interest in a particular child or children! Please email me with the children you're interested in as well as where you are in the adoption process: marcisk@asiadopt.org

I'm posting some pictures of Bao an orphanage:

I can't tell you how sweet the children were. I wish each of you could have been there. Aside from the children who have physical special needs, it was really hard to tell these were special needs kids. Even the deaf children actively participated and interacted. Shelby, who supposedly has a joint disorder, was active, manipulated small objects, walked around, climbed on the stage, played with a ball, all with no problems.

Most of the kids from the Shenzhen SWI are in foster care and their foster families came with them! I managed to get pictures of most of them with their foster parents. Hopefully that will be something they can keep with them as they transfer to their adoptive families. One foster family had three of the kids all together in one home.

Lily was another child who drew my attention right away. She is a beautiful girl and seems to be very into arts and crafts. She danced and played enthusiastically throughout the program.

I was very curious about Lilah. During the program she seemed to be very serious most of the time, but when she would find something funny, she would light up the room with her smile--so sweet!

Shawn is an orphanage favorite. In fact, some of the nannies revealed to us that they sometimes take him home with them in the evenings! He is a cutie pie for sure and very responsive and lovable. He was able to identify all of his body parts in the interview and had no problem interacting with Eva.

Email me if you're interested in a particular child and I'll try to share what I know:-)

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  1. Hi Marci, My name is Donna Bousquet and I would love to find out more about a few of the little sweeties that yuo spoke of in your blog. i enjoyed hearing about the wonderful times these children had at the 'talent show'.
    My husband & I are LID 4-2007 and have a current I171-H exp. 9-2011. i also sent you a separate e-mail earlier today in hopes yuo could send me access info to view some of the child profiles. i am anxious to hear from you:). Thanks! Donna