Monday, May 17, 2010


Cherry is a very sweet, sensitive and curious young lady! She was in a lot of the performances and is a good dancer. She seemed very comfortable in the spotlight. She is extremely close to one of her caregivers/teachers, Samantha. Samantha provides Cherry with the attachment she needs and is there for her emotional support as well. Samantha even approached me about how to help Cherry transition into an adoptive family when the time comes. She is an extremely dedicated staff member. Cherry is not shy and at one point relieved me of my small video camera to try it out for herself:-) She was terrific with the other children at the orphanage--both older and younger. Several of the other children reported her to be a close or best friend. Cherry wants to be adopted and will need a sensitive family to help her transition when the world she knows is left behind. Cherry is an intelligent and confident young lady. She is also reported to be a very good artist. We hope that the family that is meant to be hers will come forward for her very soon!

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