Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Children With No Requests Yet...

I'm busily working to download the interview videos for each child, but it's painfully slow. So while I'm waiting for one to download, I thought I would advocate for a few of the children who have not had any requests yet.

Mark is such an adorable boy! His special need doesn't seem to affect him much. He loves to dance and is quite a natural musician and dancer. He always has a cute smile on his face. He's quite friendly and seemed very comfortable with the whole event. In addition to dancing, he was also a featured singer. He was in several of the performances and so was Chrissy. Susan and I were both drawn to Mark and Chrissy, both of whom have no requests yet! Both are little treasures and would make wonderful additions to a family. They're so happy and kind-hearted. Both were very responsive in both the interview situation as well as the group events. Both were also in a majority of the performances. They are little stars!

Jimmy is another little adorable boy who was in a lot of the performances. He has excellent musical and dancing abilities as well. He was also a friendly boy who seemed very comfortable with the program. He was an enthusiastic performer and was so cute in his little costumes! His special need wasn't very noticeable most of the time unless you knew it and were looking for it. He seemed to be a very happy boy who is comfortable with himself.

Joel is another boy that stole my heart. What a vivacious and curious little boy! He explores everything and seems to live every moment:-) He was very outgoing and didn't hesitate in coming right up to me to interact multiple times. He also enjoyed the camera and took every opportunity to pose:-) He performed the two tigers song and dance and stole the show!

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