Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happiness for Heather & Shenzhen SWI Kiddos

I have wonderful news to report--Heather has a family!!!! We are all thrilled for Heather and her family--congratulations!
If you're considering Gavin, Warner, Fabian, Edward or Kerry and $$$ is stopping you, please contact us--there may be some options! Normally I would wait to post more information about the other kids, but we're running out of time, so this is a lengthy post because we got several updates from Shenzhen SWI! They really want these kids to have families!
Fabian is a bright and conscienscious boy who always completes his homework on time. Outside of class he likes to play the curcurbit flute and draw comics. He is very good at drawing comics and teaches the other children, too. He is shy with new people at first, but warms up after he gets to know them. He has a very good temper and gets along with both children and adults. This boy desperately wants a family before it is too late for him. His time is running out! Could he be your son? If you think you don't qualify, or you're already in process with a child (even from another agency), contact me. We just want Fabian to have a family!

Kerry is outstanding in physical, artistic and athletic abilities. He completed his school's Sports Day and ranked #1 in his class. He loves singing and dancing and always looks forward to Tuesdays when he has singing and dancing class. He is a bright child who can apply knowledge that he learns. He is a gentle and modest boy and helps his foster mother because he understands that she works hard to take care of him and the other children. What a sweet boy! Surely there is a family that wants a sweet boy like this? The next Yao Ming or perhaps Tchaikovsky?

Warner is a very good communicator. He likes to talk to people and is generous and carefree. He likes to share his toys and snacks with friends. He is popular at the institute. Doesn't Warner look like the most popular kid? Surely there is a family out there for him? Perhaps with a brother or sister that needs a pal?

Edward is lively and active and a very bright child. He does well in school, especially math and language classes. He likes to help his foster mother by taking out the trash. When he does something bad, he takes correction well and is an obedient child. He likes to interact with others and is very polite. Look at this adorable boy! He needs a family to love him and help him reach his potential--could you be that family?

Please don't wait! These boys are running out of time. If one of these boys touches your heart--contact me right away! We will help to make it possible however we can!

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