Friday, January 21, 2011


One of my treasured advocates made me realize that I had not mentioned Jeremy very much! So let's talk Jeremy:-) Jeremy's file is available! He is 5 years old and has mild special needs.

Jeremy is detailed oriented and a helpful little boy. He likes doing puzzles, playing ball and running. One time the teacher took out a few puzzles which are a bit harder for his age. Jeremy was so excited and asked if those are new puzzles. The teacher said, “yes, would you like to take the challenge?” Then he said, “I want to.” The teachers were all surprised by his confidence. So Jeremy happily took the puzzle and started working on it. Soon after, he said “I am done teacher! Come check it out!” The teacher said to him, “you did a very good job!”
Please contact me to view Jeremy's file before it is too late:

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