Monday, January 10, 2011

In Need of a Good Deed

I've come to the conclusion after many months of advocating for the boys, that those of you reading these posts are not the ones we need to be communicating with about these kiddos. Therefore, I'm asking all of you folks for a good deed. Please talk to everyone you know about these adorable, precious, deserving boys who are in desperate need of families. If you know anyone considering adoption, or even just desiring a child to cuddle and tuck in at night and experience the joy of parenthood, then please have them take a look at this blog, or talk to them about these kiddos. We only have a couple of weeks left with the files of these kids and then it's very possible that they could fall into the abyss of the shared waiting child list. They will have very little hope of finding families when buried on that list. The three children we were unable to place from our last Hope Journey program, Jillian, Misty and Gregory are still on the shared list. So, please, do a good deed and help spread the word about these children.

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  1. I posted this on my blog. I pray they find their families soon.