Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3 More Boys in need of families!

We have up to $5000 grants on each of these children who age out before the end of 2011!

Foster is in 4th grade and does well at school. He studies hard, is clever and fond of learning. He is outgoing and curious about new things. He has a good command of language, asks many questions and is fond of singing and dancing. He has good rhythm. He likes watching TV and playing badminton. He has a good appetite and is not picky. Could you be the forever family that Foster has been waiting for all this time? THERE IS A GRANT UP TO $5000 AVAILABLE FOR FOSTER

Heath is clever and likes to learn. He is somewhat shy, but is intelligent and gets along well with others. His language ability is good and he is receiving good marks in 4th grade. He likes math the most. He gets good comments from his teachers. He likes to eat fish, meat and fruits, but is not picky. He has a close relationship with his foster parents, but wants to be adopted into a forever family. Are you the family to help his dreams come true before December? THERE IS A GRANT UP TO $5000 AVAILABLE FOR HEATH

Leroy is active and extroverted, but is shy when he meets new people. He gets along well with his classmates and teachers. In 2007 he was in grade 3 and doing well academically. He can be naughty, such as coming home from school covered in dirt, but he is very obedient with his teachers, helping them to clean the chalkboard and empty the dustbin. He has been part of the Little Sisters program. Leroy had a family until he was four years old and needs a forever family to come forward and adopt him before December. THERE IS A GRANT UP TO $5000 AVAILABLE FOR LEROY!

Please see ASIA's waiting child section of the website for more detailed information about these children, or contact me if you are interested in viewing their files: marcisk@asiadopt.org

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