Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Incredible News from Half The Sky!

Some of you may have received the incredible news from Half The Sky. They are starting a new program called the Rainbow Program, where they will be training every nanny in China to provide better care to orphans! I have seen the difference in orphanages and schools sponsoried by Half The Sky and those that aren't. There is a BIG difference! This is thrilling news to hear that they will be reaching each and every caregiver! What a difference that will make in the lives of the children in orphanages all over China! I'm sure it will take time, as everything does, but I'm very encouraged by this news. As you may know, Half the Sky has a school at our partner orphanage, Baotou! It makes such a difference in the lives of those children! One girl, never wants to leave school when it's time to go, she loves it so much! Her teachers make that much of a difference in their lives! Way to go, Half The Sky!

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  1. Love Half the Sky! Thank you for posting this good news!