Friday, July 8, 2011


Yesterday a very surprising thing happened to me at the grocery store. The woman in line in front of me decided she would buy my groceries for me (I bet that's not what you expected to hear!). It wasn't a lot of groceries, but it was the act of kindness that meant so much and made my day. It reminded me of what a difference a person can make in someone else's life, just through a small act. How many times has a smile, a kind word, a hug or a laugh changed your entire outlook? She told me that a while back someone had bought her gas for her. So every once in a while she just does something like that to make a positive difference in someone's life since there are so many negatives in this world. What an incredible philosophy--she's paying it forward! If you have ever seen the movie Pay It Forward, then you understand what a difference one small person can make in the world. Dr. Seuss had the same philosophy, as described in Horton Hears a Who when the smallest of all puts them over the top with one word...Yopp! (Yes, I'm fully emersed in the world of Seuss).

 I've seen miraculous changes, where those of you reading this and my wonderful volunteers and all those on advocacy groups work together to help a child find a home just in the nick of time. The word gets passed along until it happens to come across the ears of the family who is meant to parent that child. I've heard that this is what happened for Jessica!  I've also seen it happen when we raise money to help with a child's adoption. We often get lots of small donations, which total up to make a difference, enabling the child to have a family! I think it's important to be reminded every so often that even small acts of kindness truly do make the world a better place. We all need to do our part to make this world a positive place to live. I'm still thinking about what would be the most effective way for me to pay it forward. But in the meantime, I ask that everyone reading this pass this blog along to a few people you know who just might consider adoption. If 100 of you actually pass it along, we can quadruple our readership, and perhaps find another child a home! If anyone ever helped change your life or brighten your spirit, than you know how important it is to pay it forward.  Pay it forward for all of the older boys who wait, desperately wanting a family. Get the word out there--Yopp!

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