Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Please Meet Darien

Look at that focus! That sweet smile! Darien is a smart and talented young boy who excels in sports and is loved by all who meet him. His teachers praise him and he is well liked by his peers. He would make a great sibling! Darien is a happy boy who desperately wants a family. He sees his peers get adopted and wants a mother and father to love him as well. He is an active boy with a positive outlook who would make a wonderful addition to a loving family. Darien hopes for a family who is close to dossier ready as he ages out in January. There is a $5000 grant available to help with the adoption costs for Darien. If you or someone you know could be interested in considering Darien, please contact me right away--his file is available! No one has asked about him yet! Even if you don't quite meet the requirements, please contact me anyway: marcisk@asiadopt.org Let's not keep Darien waiting and wondering!

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