Friday, November 11, 2011


Some faces haunt me and Ani has one of those faces.

She looks so sad in this picture. When I see kids like her on the shared list, I'm afraid that people see their special need instead of the child. Sometimes it's hard to see the child through all of the medical jargon in a file and so little about the actual child. But Ani, I see through her eyes. I see that she needs a family. I know that there are things in files that haunt families, and there is something in Ani's file that haunts me. It says she can't draw well, but takes it seriously and she can draw her dream and hope.....
Ani lives in a foster family, doesn't go to school, but learns quickly. Can we help make her dream and hope come true? Could you be the family that can see the child beyond the special need?


  1. She is absolutely beautiful. I can see why her face haunts you - those eyes say so much.