Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hilarious Hogan

Who, me?
Hogan is almost 2 years old and boy, has he learned how to be a tease! He is a bit mischevious in a good humored way. Hogan is a clever little imp! He doesn't have verbal language, but he figures things out quick! He can communicate quite well through sign and gestures and interacts with people quite competently. He understands his nannies and likes to cuddle with his favorite nanny. He and Shane make quite the little team in the play room. Shane snatches the toys away from other kids and Hogan figures out how to escape from the room! He is very interactive, curious, good natured and a happy little boy. If you meet him, you will see his gorgeous, irresistible smile quickly! It will melt your heart! Hogan's file is available for review. Please contact me if you're interested:  If he's not the right fit for your family, please spread the word about Hogan. He's an adorable boy who would make the right family very happy!

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