Thursday, November 3, 2011


Happy National Adoption month!!!! In honor of National Adoption month, ASIA is offering a $500 discount in adoption fees to families who apply and are approved in the months of November and December! Have you been putting off getting started on an adoption? Don't put it off any longer--take that leap of faith and send in your application to ASIA! Whether you're religious or not, adoption is a leap of faith. There are just no guarantees in birth or adoption. But if your dream is to be a parent and you're open to a child with special needs or an older child, than there is likely a child dreaming of a family just waiting for you. Once you find that child, you will wish you hadn't waited to get started. Waiting is the hardest part of the adoption process.

So let's take a look at what we're offering here....if you apply for Heath with those heartbroken eyes, you would get a discount of $5,500 off your adoption fees! Heath only has until January to be adopted! Don't drag your feet! Don't let money stop you--contact us today. These children can't afford to wait--their time is running out in just a month or two for our older boys. I stress on the boys because they are the ones aging out and when I take a look at the shared list, my heart breaks that there are twice as many boys as there are girls. I'll say one more thing about we help families through the adjustment process with older child adoptions, the girls are always harder than the boys during the adjustment. The boys seem to do very well! So far, the boys are becoming polite, well mannered and loving young men. Girls are wonderful, too, but there are plenty of families for the girls, so my heart truly goes out to the boys.

So in honor of National Adoption Month, help spread the word about what adoption as a wonderful way to create a family. Perhaps you can be the link to help another child find a family?

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