Monday, December 3, 2012

Exciting Precious New Kiddos Arrived!!!

Exciting news! As expected, ASIA received 10 new files of waiting children from our partner orphanage in Hunan Province! They are adorable kiddos and many of them were the children we met while on our trip last June. You can see them back on our blog posts from the end of May/early June. However, most are Non-Special Focus, so we cannot post their adorable little faces here:-( However, we did get several special focus among the group:

Heather is 5 years old:

 She was the one who was super interested in my Ipad and caught onto it quick! She was a bit shy at first, but after she got comfortable with us, she came out of her shell and began to talk more. What a cutie! Heather is Special Focus.

Quinn is 3 Years old:

We didn't get to meet Quinn on our trip, unfortunately. 

Callum is 3.5 years old:

We didn't get to meet Callum, either, but look at that face!!! Isn't he adorable??? He lives with an American foster family and speaks English! Someone has got to snatch this little boy up!

Zayna is 3.5 years old:

We did meet Zayna. She is very happy to sit and observe what is going on around her. She smiles sweetly when the nannies tease her or say nice things to her.

To get a gander at the cute little girls and boys, ranging in age from 1.5 years to 3 years with minor special needs, that are Non-Special Focus, you will have to get pre-qualified to view our waiting child list on our website. Please see the link at the top of this page or contact me for details:

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