Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Kiddos Expected!

I am back with exciting news! We are still recruiting 20 new families to get going on their dossiers, as we have more cute little kiddos from our partner orphanage coming to our individual waiting child list soon and we need families to have completed dossiers, or close to it, in order to be eligible for many of the kids! Don't let the holidays slow you down! These kids still need families!

We also received two little heart kiddos today who are just adorable, but have pretty serious conditions. If you are one of those special families who is willing to consider a child with a serious heart condition, please contact me:

Here are the kiddos: please meet Tillie and Jed:

These little ones are Special Focus and they need a family to get them the treatment they most certainly need for their heart conditions. If you would like to consider them, please contact me! You can apply for them before having a completed dossier.

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