Friday, November 2, 2012

In Honor of National Adoption Month

As the ASIA staff busy's itself getting ready for various adoption fairs and finding new ways to advocate for our 24 waiting children from China, we are reaching out to ask YOU to be a part of National Adoption Month. Can you be an Adoption Ambassador this month? How many people can you educate about adoption this month? Do you have a blog? Hop on there, and post about any of the 24 waiting children you've seen on this blog and link your blog back to ASIA's so people can see the pictures!

We have Trevor, who is aging out in May and we have not had any interest in him. His only special need is that he is a boy! Trevor is an intelligent, kind and polite child. He is curious and helpful; he enjoys playing with other children and is very kind. He is very determined, pursuing things that are challenging for him until he is able to conquer them. He receives praises for his singing and dancing and is a sensitive and friendly boy.   Please spread the word far and wide about Trevor before it's too late for him. Ideally, we would like a dossiered family, but if someone is willing to work quickly, we will take all inquiries!


Could you be the family for this handsome boy?

 Or how about for Polly? Polly is an optimistic 8 year old girl who always has a smile on her face.

 She can walk independently, but slowly due to her right leg. She has a very strong memory and remembers what she is taught easily. She speaks clearly and gets along with others well. She likes singing and dancing and has a strong respect and obedience. She studies at the institute and has strong consciousness of the class rules and studies seriously. She can write her own name and recite poems and count numbers. Isn't she cute?  She needs a Mommy or Daddy to tuck her in at night and let her know that she is loved forever and ever. 

If older child adoption is not your cup of tea, how about one of the cuddly little guys in our Changsha program? Their files are working their way to us! Apply to ASIA today and get your dossier done so you will be eligible for these cuties! 

National Adoption Awareness month is the perfect time to begin your adoption journey or to become an adoption ambassador and help all of these children who don't have Mommy's and Daddy's to get the families that they deserve. Everyone can do something this month! Join the movement! 

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