Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Feeling Forgotten

Today I was looking back at the blog from our trip to our partner orphanage last May/June, feeling sad for all of the older children who still sit waiting for a family. Most of these kids have been in the orphanage for a very long time and they long for a family. None were hesitant about their desire for a family. We have had instances before where it seemed that a child was being persuaded to say they want to be adopted, but that didn't seem to be the case here with the kids we met. We have their files yet again, but unfortunately most people are distracted by the adorable young toddlers we have on our list now. Of course they are just as deserving of families and we do want the right fit for each family.

 I hope that families still take the time to go through the whole list to see the rest of the children who wait. There are a few who really grabbed me. The one I will speak of today is one who gathered a lot of attention when I initially posted about her, yet since that time, she has had little interest. No one is reviewing her file currently and she still waits.....

Isn't Taryn a lovely young lady? This young lady needs a mother to give her the motherly love she has blessed the more disabled children at her orphanage with through her nurturing personality. Taryn impressed me with the way she took care of the other children without being asked. She has a truly giving personality. She is confident, outgoing and friendly. She likes to chat, dance and go shopping (a typical tween!). She is quite independent, well liked, mellow and happy. Although there is one thing that weighs on her. She really wants a family, even though she knows that she will miss her friends at the orphanage. She would love to have a a Mom and Dad and siblings of any age. Do you know anyone who could be interested in Taryn? She just turned 13 so Taryn doesn't have much time anymore. She has been waiting for too long already! 

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