Thursday, November 15, 2012

8 Little Ones Need Families

ASIA still has 8 little ones out of the 12 that we got that don't have families considering them right now. Only a few of those are Special Focus. But we do have 2 precious little Non-Special Focus toddler boys and 3 girls who have no dossiered families considering them. If you are open to considering one of these adorable kiddos, and you have a completed dossier, or close to complete dossier, please contact me right away!

We also have 3 Special Focus kiddos who are not being considered. Both Mathias and Jack and not being considered. They are pictured in a post from last week, but here are their cute little faces again for you:


Here is the other little dude that is Special Focus:


Aren't they cute? Just look at those cheeks on Jack and Charlie! Charlie is only a year and a half old, all cute and pudgy still with bright eyes and a smile that shines! Wavers may be available for Special Focus kiddos, so contact me for more information. 

 Unfortunately I can't picture the Non-Special Focus kiddos we have available, but we have 3 girls--Francesca, May and Carry. Francesca and May are both a year and a half old and Carry is 5 years old. Please contact me if you are close to completing a dossier or have a completed dossier and are interested in these little ones: 

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