Friday, November 9, 2012

Let Me Tell You About...

Let me tell you about Jack and Mathais. These two boys were specifically selected by CCCWA to take part in the Little Hearts Medical Team's evaluations, so they will both end up with treatment plans completed by Dr. Armsby's team from Doernbecher, OR! We are sure that will help families considering these two boys for adoption:-) If you want to know more about the Little Hearts Medical Team, you can take a look at my blog post about it, or ASIA's Facebook page.

But back to Jack, who just melts your heart when you look at him!

He is a big, bright-eyed four-year-old boy who is adored by everyone he meets. You can tell from the picture that he has one of those personalities that lights up a room and draws everyone to him. The nannies all dote over him and take extremely good care of him, as they are sensitive to his special need. He loves to play outdoors, and learn children's songs and counting from his nannies. The nannies have carefully potty trained him and they let him eat several small meals per day, instead of fewer larger ones, due to his condition. Jack has a sweet tooth! Could you be the family for this precious little boy? Contact Marci to find out more about him:

Now don't forget Mathias! This little character is an active, lovely and polite boy.

Mathias likes to play outside and play games with other children. He is quick to smile and is extremely outgoing and welcoming when guests arrive at his foster home; he says hello to them, invites them to sit down and he is always talkative to his foster mother. He is very helpful, and volunteers to make the bed and set the table. He is a very adaptable boy and doesn't let his special need slow him down one bit. He is very self sufficient.Could this six year old boy be the one for you? Contact Marci to find out more about him:

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