Friday, July 2, 2010

Good News for Sam and Clive!

Wonderful news for Sam and Clive!!! They have families pursuing them! I'm so excited for these two boys! Boy, boys, boys!!!!

On this Independence Day weekend, while we're all out celebrating, I will be hoping that there are many more requests for children from our Hope Journey list when the weekend is over. We have families for 6 of the 35 children, but that's 29 more to go. 29 more children whose futures are yet to be determined. Without families, they may end up stigmatized as orphans as they try to find their way in the world, without the security of forever family to fall back on. I will especially be thinking of the older ones, for whom this may be a last chance. Quentin who is a very likable, personable and sweet boy and is great with younger children. Parker who is already mature for his age, smart and a bit shy. Fabian, who seems to do best with children his age or older and is a bit shy in group settings, but more forthcoming individually. I'll be thinking of Cherry who stole a special place in my heart. She's an outgoing, popular little girl at the institute, confident, bright and a talented artist. Think of them this weekend as you have the opportunity to be an adoption advocate...

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