Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lucy and another boy

Look at the pure JOY on these kids' faces:-)

For those of you who remember Lucy, there is wonderful news to report--she has been united with her forever family and is doing well! Congratulations to Lucy and her new family! We wish her a very bright future.

Hope Journey Update: I would like to remind everyone that there are still many files available for the Hope Journey kiddos! This is a fantastic opportunity, as we have so much information about these kids and also have the ability to get more information if needed. These are amazing children! When I was there with them, I had to check our list to figure out that these kids had special needs! I have such a hard time sitting here and seeing that Cherry's file is sitting here with no one reviewing it. Anna's file is also not being reviewed. These are precious girls! Harley, Jimmy, Kerry and Joel's file are also available. These are sweet boys! Wade, Jeremy, Henry, Bo and Peter's files are available, too! If you could see the love in the eyes of their nannies, you would know they are deeply cared for at their orphanage, but it is still not a family. They don't have a mom or dad to crawl in bed with when there's a storm or to comfort them when they're scared. They don't have someone to help them with homework or give them swimming lessons. Quentin, Fabian, Cj, Micheal and Shawn need a family, too. I was just pondering the other day with a client why everyone wants girls? There are so many loving boys available as well. Boys need hugs from their moms and dads, and need someone to teach them how to play sports, learn to swim or cuddle with and read them a story. These children need heart feedings--contact me to review their files:


  1. Oh thank goodness!! I am so happy for Lucy and her family!

  2. So happy Lucy is with her family. Definitely an answered prayer.