Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucy Follow Up

Many people out there had a heart for Lucy, and with all of your help, we were able to locate her family and get them to China. Lucy has now been united with her family and they should be on their way home shortly. Keep them in your thoughts for the long flight. To see an update on Lucy and the two other girls that Half the Sky was able to help, please check out this link and be prepared with a box of tissues:

Somehow it seems that mountains were moved for Lucy, and rightly so. Now to move some mountains for the other magical kids in our program and unite them with their families as well. They have found their way into my heart and I hope that, like Lucy, you will help spread the word about them to find their families. Lucy's story is an inspiring one, and I have to believe that if Lucy can find a family, so can every one of the children in our Hope Journey program! Please help us make those dreams come true and spread the word far and wide about these children! You have hearts of gold!

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