Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ASIA's Next Program

ASIA would like you to hear about an exciting new China program we will be offering this year.

We were honored to be invited, along with only a handful of other agencies to take part in a new program with CCAA that we are calling Bright Futures. As we understand it so far, ASIA will be assigned an orphanage to work with exclusively in order to register the children for adoption. These could be healthy children and/or special needs children of all ages. Two ASIA staff members will travel to the orphanage to meet the children, prepare the children for adoption by conducting individual evaluations, as well as teach the nannies about ways to stimulate, care for and evaluate the children. In addition, we will ensure that the children will get all of the usual medical tests and examinations done.

ASIA will personally select the children we wish to have on our individual list. We anticipate that we could have somewhere around 60 children to advocate for on our individual waiting child list! We will receive the files of the children several months after our visit, as it will take some time to have it all translated and approved by the CCAA.

Families who have dossiers already logged in with ASIA when we get the files of the children will have priority for the new children we receive.

ASIA is very excited about this new opportunity to help brighten the futures of such a large group of children by helping them become eligible for adoption. There are many questions left to be answered and as we find out more details about the program we will post the additional information.

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