Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

Peter is a hard working child. He always looks for challenges. Carving porcelain is very skilled art. He started by carving simple Chinese characters, now he can do simple drawings. He is always the first one to master the skill. He never gives up, he does his best every time to finish each product.

Harley is a clever and cute boy. He loves to help others. He always tell people that he loves to help, and he shows the rewards he receives from helping others. In fact, whenever the nannies and teachers need help, the first person they think about is Harley. Because we know that he takes his task seriously, and he completes all the tasks to the satisfaction.

Henry is a dedicated little boy, it shows on his writing class. Henry is the oldest in his class, he is also an example for other kids. He has beautiful handwriting. The teacher always praises his handwriting. Why he has such a beautiful handwriting? His classmates know… He pays 100% attention when he writes. He is introverted, a good listener, never teases other kids, he is a friend to everyone. He likes to join social work activities. He always raises his hand to answer questions.

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