Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Jeremy

Jeremy is another boy that stole all of our hearts! He was so sweet and caring with the other children in his room. You could tell he was a teacher's helper kind of boy. He would patiently show his friends how to do something they were having difficulty with, or he would open their snacks for them if they couldn't. He was outgoing and responsive and he really doesn't have much of a special need. This boy is such a sweetheart! If you're a mama wanting a girl because they're cute and cuddly, this is a boy who is cuddly! He'll shower you with kisses and hugs once he gets comfortable with you. I have no doubt this boy would thrive in a family with younger or older siblings. He's so gentle and kind and thoughtful. If you have any interest in Jeremy, please contact me--his file is currently available as I write this:

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