Friday, May 13, 2011

Meet Zeke

Zeke is a charming, polite and bright young man who invited us into his room and pulled out chairs for each of us, asking us to "please sit down." He is a wonderful host, a happy boy and desperately wants to be adopted. There is an adorable picture of Zeke and Skippy together that I wish I could post on here, but it's a close up! They're like two peas in a pod, or perhaps more like Larry and Mo:-)

Zeke's group went outside to play one day and I peeked out the window to take some pictures without being seen. That didn't last long--they spotted me and soon were doing superhero poses to get my attention. Zeke is a bit of a ham--always the first to pose in front of a camera, or recite a poem or sing a song to show off. He's smart! This is a boy with a lot of potential in life! Surely there is a family that would be thrilled to find Zeke!

Zeke is not only an older boy, which is essentially a special need in itself, but he does have a minor special need. This type of child is the hardest to place. Can you help Zeke's dream to come true?

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