Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why Older Child Adoption?

One of our wonderful families has given us permission to share her gorgeous and eloquent blog post about their journey to adopt an older child and who she has blossomed into...it is quite beautiful and I would encourage all to read it:


Perhaps this will inspire others to take the leap of faith and adopt an older child as well? There are so many out there who need Mom's and Dad's to love them! I've posted about several of those kiddos, yet still no one has asked to consider the files of Skippy, Zeke or Charlie....they're waiting for you!

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  1. WOW! *Loved* this wonderful post from Michelle about her experience with adopting an older child! After reading this post, I followed the blog's link to the fuller story and read the family's journey through the entire adoption. Truly a beautiful and encouraging story about overcoming the very real struggles of older adoption. Thank you for sharing this post, Marci!

    mom to Katie and Logan from Taiwan, and adopting Aubrey from China