Sunday, May 27, 2012

ASIA in China - Day One!

After 22 grueling hours of travel and some adventure along the way with almost missing a flight and the mystery of the missing luggage, we have all made it safe, sound (and tired). Our team visited the orphanage this morning and were able to visit with 12 adorable babies and toddlers. We did brief evaluations on all of them, but will definitely be visiting with some of them again during our stay.

Let me just say that these kids are Adorable with a capital A! Once they warmed up to us, they were sweet and personable and very photogenic:-)

We also got some great video, and the older of the kiddos loved my Ipad! It was hard to pull it away:-)

There were half the sky nannies there as well for some of the kids and all of the nannies seemed to really know the kids and seek out age appropriate interactions with them. The kids all seemed to have attachments with someone there. One little girl even called Steve "Baba!"

Our Oregon staff will be posting pictures for me, so look for those a little later. We're having technical difficulties with doing that part from China. But I will continue to update the blog on our adventures from here. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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