Thursday, May 31, 2012

More on Changsha Day 2 - Foster Homes

Hello! This is Pattie guest blogging for Marci, who is getting ready for Children's Day in China. Here at the ASIA office, we're really excited to see all the pictures coming in from Changsha and I know that our families are going to love them, too. I thought I'd post a few more pictures from Marci and Fei's visit to the foster homes on Day 2.

The first picture is Marci playing with "Jasper", one of the boys you can see currently on the waiting child section of our website. Jasper was crying a bit because he wasn't at home and is scared of strangers. But when Marci played music on her Ipad, he put his hand on it and calmed down. According to Marci, "It was pretty cool. Again, the Ipad conquers all. I should get paid by Apple for advertising".

Here is a picture of "Doug" being his cutie self. We posted a couple of pictures of Doug on the earlier Changsha Day Two post. What a cutie! If you want more information on Jasper, Doug, or any of our other kids and you don't have the current log-in information for our waiting children photo list, please email me at

The last one is a picture of Steve, our volunteer R.N. and adoptive parent, who is helping us with the evaluations. Marci and Fei are there in the background, playing with the kids. I'm so jealous!

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am to see the photos from Children's Day! 

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