Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Children's Day! 儿童节快乐!

Hello, ASIA friends and family!  Happy Children's Day! 儿童节快乐!Marci sent a video and two photos of the Children's Day celebration in Changsha. She'll write more later, but for now, enjoy:

Hi Folks! Sorry for the silence the last couple of days! They have been action packed, fun-filled and exhausting! Children's Day was heart-warming in a Chinese kind of way where it's filled with Indiana Jones Theme songs and such. Kids from outside schools and activities came into the perform for everyone. The Mayor was there as well as a whole bunch of media, which you can see standing in front of my video! The video of the boys doing martial arts is mostly boys from the orphanage, which is why I chose that performance to highlight.

After the festivities were over, we had to do two evaluations of children that live in foster homes that came in especially for Children's Day. They needed to get back, so we did their evaluations right away. Those two kids absolutely stole my heart! I would snatch either one up in a heartbeat! Whitney was one of them, and you literally would never know this little girl has a special need. At under 5 years old, she can skip, jump on one leg, hop, dance and sing at the same time, write her name, draw, and just about anything else you can think of. She is beautiful and girlie, loves dresses and frilly things and wants to have her clothes changed several times each day. She asks why she doesn't have a mama and a baba like other kids, so we hope we can change that for her. I will send pictures to be posted. We don't have her file yet, so hurry up with your dossier if you're interested in sweet Whitney.

We also met with little precious, giggly Cade. This boy is under 2 years old and also has a very minor special need. He's happy, healthy and extremely ticklish!!!! He can walk, run, squat quite impressively and climb onto and off of riding toys. He went bonkers for a little ride on car at the orphanage and became a little jealous when one of the other kids got on it. He has the cutest smile with little dimples and pudgy cheeks to die for!!!!! He's cuddly and funny and a little tease. What more could you want in a little cutie? We don't have his file yet either, so whoa Nelly! Focus on that paperwork to be eligible for him when his files comes.

After those two evaluations, some of the higher up staff in charge of adoptions at Changsha #1 took us out to lunch. Then we headed back to the orphanage for eight more evaluations of kiddos, which all went well. More on those kids in the coming weeks:-)

As usual, we were then informed that our plans for the next day would have to be adjusted a bit. I'll fill you in more on June 2nd in next post....


  1. What should we do if we are interested in Whitney?

  2. Hi, Kim. Please email and she can help you get more information. Thanks and have a great day!