Thursday, June 7, 2012

As We Say Good Bye

As we were saying good bye to the kids yesterday and explaining that this would be our last day here, but we would be working to find them families and making sure they are good families, I found myself surprisingly sad to say good-bye. I've been missing my daughter who is at home terribly, but saying good-bye to these orphans was hard. My heart wants to scoop them all up and take them with us, but my mind knows I can't do that. It's a pull of the heart and/or a leap of faith that leads people to their child of the heart. I feel like I have a lot of children of the heart. Only, my job is to work to find them good families who will love and care for them forever. There's always a few children who I bond with on these trips and those are particularly hard to say good-bye to, so for them I'm putting together of montage of their pictures to keep my end of the deal and try to find them good families:

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