Saturday, June 2, 2012

Changsha #1, June 2nd

Today we met with a group of older kids at Changsha #1. Unfortunately our time with them was limited as the orphanage was strict about letting them have enough time to complete their homework for school. Many of them go to public school outside of the orphanage (in fact, we saw several walking home the other day), and it is very demanding and strict. So, we did a short camp with them to get to know them a little before we jumped into evaluations. As you can see, we had costumes for them, which they really got into (both literally and figuratively). They goofed around for a while, we played the hokey pokey and a few other games and then had to get down to business. We let the kids play around while we interviewed and evaluated them individually. We met some real dynamos today! Wow!

One boy who is deaf has won the national championship for drawing at his grade level. He is quite incredible at 9 years old. He was also quite bright and engaging. He knows sign language and I saw about 3 teachers and nannies at the orphanage who also know sign. He lip reads a little bit. He wants to be adopted and go to the U.S. He is interested in riding in planes and driving them! Josiah impressed us all. He is also quite good at math for his age and grade level.

Fei and Josiah arm wrestling

Josiah's championship art project
There were quite a few of the older boys who impressed us. One that really tugs at my heart is Cuyler. Unfortunately he ages out in December. He is a very sweet boy who is timid until you get to know him and find out his strengths. This boy is a math whiz! He was able to do multi-step math problems in his head in a split second! Once we started quizzing him, we could see his confidence emerge. He was also very sweet with the younger children there and we could see that he is a very helpful boy. We often see him on the floor below, helping with the younger children. If there is a family out there looking for an older boy to adopt, this is your boy! Cuyler actually remembers his family, and it is clear he has formerly had attachments from the way he lovingly interacts with the younger children. He is in the 6th grade in school and is interested in having a big family with a mama, papa and a sister. He is ok with leaving the orphanage and China and only returning to visit. We DO have Cuyler's file.

He is on our waiting child list now, so if you're interested in either Cuyler or Josiah, please contact Vicki or Pattie at ASIA. Since I'm working from China, my response time is a little slow:-) I will send some pictures to be posted of both Cuyler and Josiah, as well as some video from the camp. Enjoy!

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