Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 3rd, ICC

Today, as most days visiting an orphanage are, was a bit of a heart-wrenching day. We visited ICC, which is a specialized foster home set up like an orphanage....I would compare it to a group home in the U.S., only it has a tremendous amount of resources in many ways. They will be moving to the new building where Changsha #1 will also be housed on the same property as Changsha #1 currently resides. Anyway, we met with all older children and a couple of younger children who were either wheelchair-bound or had other issues going on as well. All of the children really want to be adopted and we talked to them about what that really means. They seem to understand. Two children in that group really stood out that I will tell you about now.

Taryn is going to be 13 soon and she is a beautiful, tall, slim girl who could be a ballerina. In fact, she loves to dance what looks like Jazz or modern dance. She performed a short piece for us after some persuasion. When we first arrived, she was meticulously putting her hair into a bun in the mirror. She is also extremely nurturing and takes care of one of the children who is wheelchair bound and cognitively delayed. She seemed very tender-hearted with her and was always trying to include her in the activities, or turn her away when she got overwhelmed. We talked with Taryn for a long time and she told everyone of us that she really, really wants a family. She is worried about being alone if she ages out. She has lived in a family before for a short time and told us she loved it. She is interested in having siblings and would be great with either older or younger siblings. She is in 6th grade. Her favorite thing to do is dance. She can say a few simple words in English and thinks the U.S. is a better living environment than China. Has your family been looking for a child like Taryn? She is a Special Focus child and we have her file, so inquire today!

Tanner is turning 12 this summer and he is quite a character! Tanner is one talkative, active, rowdy, rambunctious boy who is also very sweet and bright.Oh, and did I mention that he plays piano beautifully? I'll try to send a video of that. Tanner has lived in a foster home before and understands family. He really wants a family, and is not picky about anything as long as he has a parent. He went through a list of everything that was ok--a single parent, poor, rich, siblings or not, it's all ok with him! Tanner is bright, but has trouble paying attention in school. However, he told us that he really doesn't need to pay attention in most of his classes because he has a good memory and can pass the tests without paying attention! He does like English and Music, though, so he makes a point of paying attention in those classes. When I walked into ICC, he was the first one to come up to me and engage me in a conversation in English! He speaks clearly and says that he has lots of friends. I witnessed him rough housing with the other boys at  ICC after we let them have a go at the costumes. They went crazy, pretending to be Superman or skeletons and role played for quite a while. Tanner also likes to play ping pong, basketball and soccer. I have a feeling that if Tanner had a family that helped him apply himself at school, he would have quite an impressive life for himself. Certainly there is a family that Tanner would fit perfectly into? Tanner is a Special Focus child and we have his file now, so don't delay in contacting ASIA for more information!

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