Friday, June 15, 2012


Pattie has been busy going through the tons of pictures I took on our trip to update our password-protected website with better pictures of the kiddos whose files we already have. Videos will also be posted, most likely next week. So, if you're looking for the kiddo that's the right fit for your family, please check our password-protected website again (or for the first time if you haven't seen it yet). The pictures we had really don't do justice to how those kids look now and who they really are. You can find the link to our website on the left side of the blog.

We will also be getting more files soon, so get your application in and dossier ready if you're looking for the child for your family. Young children with minor needs will only be available to families who have their dossiers ready, so don't waste time! I hate sounding like a car dealership, but I do want families to have all of the facts. We met a lot of adorable kids on our trip who will probably go into the Non-Special Focus category, which CCCWA has designated as only available to families who have completed dossiers. So those kids I've posted like the girl in the white dress, or the kids who are brother and sister in the same foster home may be designated Non-Special Focus for dossiered families only. Here's a few more pics of kids we may get who will probably be Non-Special Focus:

We also have plently of older kids or kids who on paper seem to have more significant issues, but when we met them they really didn't seem as bad as they sound. So stay tuned for more adorable kids to come...

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