Monday, June 4, 2012

Zhuzhou's New Facilities

Today we took the drive out to visit the new Zhuzhou Children's Welfare Institute compound. Yes, when I say compound, I mean compound! They just moved into these new facilities a week ago and they are beyond phenomenal! I don't even know what all the different buildings are for, but they have sensory rooms, rehab facilities, a small apartment complex for foster families with very nice apartments set up, classrooms, dormitories and a building at the back for the kids that have either aged out or are disabled and will need help until they become eligible for senior living. The grounds are beautiful! They have indoor gardens, outdoor playgrounds and landscaping and Fei said the bathrooms are better than what they have at her kids' kindergarten! They are quite nice and currently spotless:-)

 I'm sending a video for you to see their sensory room. I wanted to play in it:-) In the video, you can also see a girl who will be on our list who is deaf, but can clearly hear some sound. They are trying to get her a hearing aid. She seems very bright. She signs, can speak a few words and seems to have a close relationship with her teacher. She makes good eye contact when she knows someone is trying to communicate with her. She can lip read as well. She actually can hear people call her name if they say it loud enough and she looks up right away to see who is talking to her. She goes to a boarding school for the deaf during the week and is reported to be very well liked there. On weekends and holidays she goes to live with her foster family. Enjoy the video! I think you have to see the facility in person to get the true picture, but this will give you an idea:

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