Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Also Have Potential

Today I noticed that the wall facing the entrance to one floor of the orphanage had the wording: "We also have potential." I thought that was an appropriate title for this post, because I believe that to be true. Each and every child has some sort of potential just waiting to be discovered. These kids may have special needs, but they also have potential! I see it in them when I watch them in school or at play and someone discovers their strengths.

Today I want to feature two children who I think have tremendous potential, but it may be difficult for everyone to see that. Both children use wheelchairs to get around, but both children are very independent.

Tania is 11 years old and has been with a foster family for most of her life, but they are getting older and won't be able to keep her much longer. Tania is able to walk with a cane, but would do much better with a walker, I believe. She can get in and out of her wheelchair independently. She is an extremely mature young lady, emotionally! She doesn't want her foster parents to have to take care of her and although she loves them, she realizes that difficult decisions have to be made and she has made the decision on her own to want to be adopted and have a forever family. She says it will hard initially, but that she will adjust and she is willing to learn English so she can communicate with a new family. In fact, I think she knows more than she lets on, as her foster father speaks excellent English and tries to teach her. We talked with Tania for quite a while because we wanted to make sure she really understands what adoption means and make sure that is what she really wants. Tania was very sweet and responsive and I see a tremendous amount of potential in her. She is a bright girl who could go far with a family behind her cheering her on. Tania likes purple and pink, but is not a girlie girl. In fact, she prefers to play action video games and doesn't like girls who are too emotional or dramatic.She might do well in a family with no kids or with brothers.

Finley is another child that has a lot of potential and also uses a wheelchair to get around. However, Finley can transfer himself from his wheelchair to the floor or bed and back. He is very strong. He also is able to move his legs, so there is probably some potential to develop that strength more and perhaps give him some more abilities.The boy even did a somersault for us!!!! Finley is also a smart, rambunctious boy who can be shy with people he doesn't know well, but he really got into dressing up in costume and rough housing with the boys and trying to scare the girls. Finley would like a family with a Mom and Dad and brothers.

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