Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ying & Yang

The Chinese have a philosophy that Ying and Yang(female and male) must be balanced. That philosophy needs to be applied to households, too. If you've adopted a girl or girls before, it may be time to consider adopting some Yang :-) We have lots of Yang to go around!!! The Chinese have managed to begin to apply that to their homes, and they are now starting to feel that girls and boys are more equal, and keeping many of their girls. We met a foster family today who felt exactly that way.

Actually, the foster homes we went to today were in stark contrast to the last ones we visited. These foster homes, or at least one of them, was sponsored by some organization and they are incredible! They have a large play room with a lot of toys accessible to the children, a classroom and all the rooms are painted with colorful murals or either cartoons like snoopy, or cute animals or friendly insects (the actual mosquitoes weren't so friendly, though). Not only were the homes impressive, but the foster families themselves were clearly very well prepared and educated. The children knew so much more than the kids in the other homes we visited. They could recite poems and songs, they knew their names, ages and where they were from, they could count and they learned to draw smiley faces very quickly. They had clearly had access to pens or pencils before, which has seemed to be rare so far here.

The sad part about this one was that there were two children that may have been forgotten about....we had a list of the kids we were supposed to visit there and it turned out there were these two extra. I'm so glad they were there! They live in the same foster family together and they are adorable! They act just like brother and sister. They're smart, cute and we hope to get them on our list and possibly have them adopted together. But that will depend upon whether they are Special Focus or Non-Special Focus. Take a look at this adorable video and pictures of them:

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