Thursday, June 28, 2012


This is Super-Julian:

Now this is Julian in his everyday disguise of a gentle, shy little boy, but he still has his superpowers of sweetness:

Julian is normally an active boy, but when we met him he must have been a bit overwhelmed by all of the action. He stuck pretty close to his nanny. Later, during his Half the Sky class, I saw him participating in taking turns singing songs and performing. Another day he was playing on a little ride-on toy they had at the orphanage. His nanny convinced him to do a little song and dance for us. Julian knows the names of everyone at the orphanage and seems to be developmentally appropriate for his age. He is also very compliant and obedient. He seems to be very attached to his teachers in the Half The Sky school. He seems like a very mellow boy who is gentle with the other children and very easy going.

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