Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ASIA in China - Day Two! Foster Homes

Today we ventured out to a couple of the foster homes outside the city. When I say outside the city, I mean potholes the size of mac trucks, bumpy dirt roads, one way roads, our "van" driver (we rode in a modified ambulance) going through red lights repeatedly and regularly, and of course the usual nearly hitting other cars, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Thank goodness my stomach is still with me! It was a close one, though.

My Ipad was awesome for getting the kids to warm up. Being able to take their picture (of them screaming their heads off) and then show it to them helped to distract them. Three of the kids we saw today were pretty outgoing once they got over their fear of the big-nosed caucasian :-) I was able to keep one little boy in smiles and giggles most of the time we visited. All of the kids wanted to play with the Ipad. I really think it is a must for every trip.

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