Friday, May 18, 2012

Here at ASIA we are all busy readying ourselves for this big trip to China--assigning duties to make sure everything is covered while Fei and I are away, preparing evaluations for the children, finalizing our itinerary with the orphanage, getting our props together for the mini-camps we'll do with groups of the kids as well as the general scurry that goes on around our agency to continue to process the adoptions that are already in process for our families.

The kids below are kids whose files may be coming our way--too cute!!! If you're interested in a Non-Special Focus child and qualify, apply now and get going on your dossier so you will be eligible.

Right now we have kids from the shared waiting child list from the same orphanage who are now on our individual list. They are quite adorable as well and are mostly Special Focus children by now. If you would like to see their adorable faces, please take a look at our password-protected waiting child list. These kids are definitely not defined by their special needs, they just happen to have some. Take a look~!

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