Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Change for Children

ASIA is taking part in Joint Council's Change for Children Campaign. The idea is to get kids thinking about and helping other kids. It's not always easy to introduce the concept of helping others to little ones, but this is an easy way to do so. It's literally collecting pocket change to help children around the world who need families. Your child/ren can do it for one night---while they go Trick or Treating they can ask for pocket change to help children around the world without families. We can send you a collection bag, or you can have your child make one out of a paper bag or an old milk jug (just about any sort of plastic container would work). If you have a business that is open to this sort of thing, you can put your Change for Children collection jug out at your business and collect pocket change until Halloween night (how easy is that?). ASIA has already collected $24 out of pocket change!  Or you can be like me, and hold a Change for Children Halloween Bash! It's fun, festive and the kids get to learn how to help others. We have all sorts of resources we can email to you to help with your party planning. Pattie will send you whatever you need:   What a clever campaign:-)

The funds ASIA raises will go towards our partner orphanage, Changsha #1 in Hunan Province, to help the kids who haven't found families yet. Your little one will be able to see the difference their efforts make! You can join our team with your kiddo, or for an easier way to take part, make a donation. Either way, check out our team page to learn more:

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