Monday, September 17, 2012

Popular Jenna

ASIA sent out a flyer recently, attempting to advocate for some of the older children we have on our waiting child lists. LOTS of people seem to have a heart for Jenna and want to advocate for her, so thank you! We even had a family with such a big heart for Jenna that they donated $5000 to help her get adopted! So now we have up to a $10,000 grant for Jenna (based on need). Jenna ages out in less than 7 months so we have little time to find her family. We hope in this time to find the right family for Jenna. The family that is prepared for the emotional journey that the challenges of older child adoption can encompass. The family that has parented teenagers before and is familiar with the challenges, but sees the beauty and fun in them as well. A family that is open to learning more and is willing to work hard to develop attachment with a child that is developmentally supposed to separate. Tall order, right? Do you know anyone like that? Send them my way! Have them view the adorable videos of Jenna that we have on our password protected waiting child list. Please don't let them delay! Jenna doesn't have much time left. We are not looking for the family that wants to adopt her only because they have a heart for her they don't want her to age out. We appreciate those families so much because they are excellent advocates! But those placements can be too difficult for families like that. A family needs to really want her for who she is right now because she already has a personality.

Jenna is: Easy going, nice and sweet, thorough and hard-working. She likes to help others and is devastated that she does not have a family yet. She has seen her friends get adopted and the nannies wonder why she doesn't have a family yet. Jenna would love to have a mother, father and sibling. She is older and knows the importance of family and says she would care for her family if one is found for her.

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