Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Itchin' To Know?

So for those of you who are itching to know some updates on the status of our waiting children, here you go: of the kids in our Brighter Futures Program, Whitney has a family pursuing her! Congratulations to Whitney and her new family! Cade and Brett have families reviewing their files. It knocks my socks off that no one is considering Colin!!!!!!  I wish I could feature this boy, but alas he is Non Special Focus so I cannot. He has a very minor special need, though, and is quite a little character in a good way:-) He has the most beautiful features, his smile just melts your heart. So if you have a completed dossier, and you're open to an adorable, sweet, mechanical and smart boy, contact me for details right away!!
 Sweet June and Leeann also do not have anyone considering them! I haven't met Leeann, but June was one of those kids that I met that drew me in and I don't know why. I just knew there was more to her than we were seeing. It was the same way that little Jason drew me in when I met him last year. I could just tell there was more inside him than he was able to show me then. Look at him now! He's ordering everyone around and has made tremendous strides just in the few months he has been home. Yesterday we even saw him do a little jig for us! It's amazing to see these kids just blossom right before your eyes. There's just nothing better! If you haven't seen the video on our website of June singing and dancing, please take the time to view it. You can't see her light up in the pictures we took, but you can see it in that video!

I also want to take a minute to tell you about Greer and Lidia. These were two older kids that participated in our camp in June and they were both very spunky in different ways.

Lidia is a bit shy about sharing her smile. She may be a little self conscious. At her age, that is not surprising. Lidia is almost 11 years old. Just this year she has been selected to go to a school that only accepts two children from the institute each year. Lidia has finally become one of the older ones at the orphanage, so it is her turn to go. It is sad that she has been there that long. Lidia is so kind and gentle with the other kids. She is also a bit of a tomboy--her best friends are boys. She likes to run and play with the boys, but that's probably a good thing since boys are in the majority there. I think Lidia could do well in a family with either boys or girls, but she would probably feel more at home with boys. However, I do think that she needs a Mom to share with her some of the special parts of a mother-daughter relationship. My guess is that she would naturally be a bit of a daddy's girl. Lidia has been waiting way too long for her family to find her.

Greer is a very sweet, spirited boy who likes to be where the action is. Greer is almost the opposite of Lidia, in that he loves to stick his face in the camera, where Lidia likes to hide from it. Greer wants a family with a mom, dad and sisters, surprisingly! He is willing to learn English and knows a few basic words that he was able to speak when we asked. He likes to play hide and seek and basketball. Most of all, Greer is an extremely happy boy! He often has a smile on his face and is very good-natured. If you live near Ohio, you're right next to the best facility for the treatment of his special need! 

Do any of these kids sound like they could be a fit for your family? Don't make them wait any longer--contact me if you're interested. If they aren't the right fit for your family, you can still help them. Share this blog and encourage others to take a peek to see if any of these kids could be the missing piece to their family: marcisk@asiadopt.org 

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