Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Good and the Bad

The good news is that we have families for Whitney, Cade and Brett!!!! The bad news is that we still have no interest in adorable Colin who seems to have a very minor special need. Go take a look at our website and check out Mr. Adorable!

The other sad news is that many of our Hope Journey Children went back to the shared list today, although we still have the files of Jenna, Jensen, Dylan and Hallie. We also still have the files of our Changsha kiddos, June and Leeann from another orphanage. We have some hope for Jenna, but nothing confirmed yet, so do whatever it is you do--pray, cross your fingers, hope, whatever that we are able to place Jenna with an awesome family! Thank you for all that you do! Stay tuned...

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