Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Children's Files Going Back!!!

Happy New Year! THE TAX CREDIT HAS BEEN MADE PERMANENT!!!!!!!! What a great way to start off 2013!! Let's celebrate by advocating for adoption! This should enable more families to afford adoption:-)

The not so good news is that at the end of the week we have 6 kiddos whose files we must return to CCCWA if we don't have any interested families. Those kiddos are: 5-Year-old Carry, 1.5-Year-old Waverly, Almost 2-Year-old Logan, 1.5-Year-old Lucy, 1.5-Year-old Grayson and 1.5-Year-old Francesca. They are Non-Special Focus, meaning they require families to have completed dossiers now (or within the next month), however, if you have interest, please don't let that stop you from inquiring!

I cannot believe that sweet Waverly, Logan and Grayson have not found families! Waverly's special need has already been repaired! If I could show you these kids' pictures, they would NOT still be waiting! These kids are so sweet and are from our previous partner orphanage, which has a Half The Sky program for the infants and toddlers, so they are getting great care! These kiddos are precious and should have families pursuing them. Why don't they? I cannot answer that question--it baffles me!

Please, if you're interested in these kids, contact me today before we have to send their files back.

If you're interested in any of our Special Focus kiddos, and you don't think you qualify, contact me anyway. Waivers are available for Special Focus kiddos! It's a new year with all sorts of new possibilities! Is this the year you complete your family?

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