Monday, January 7, 2013

Sad For Those Who Went Back

We had several files go back to the shared list: Francesca, Grayson, Logan and Leeann's files all went back to the shared list. So if you're logged in with a different agency and want to pursue one of them, please see the shared list! There are so many Non-Special Focus kiddos waiting for their families on the shared list right now. It makes me wonder what is going on? I have never seen so many before! We really need families to start with their home studies and dossiers so they become eligible for Non-Special Focus kiddos instead of waiting to find their child before signing up with an agency. Your child will find you! There are plenty of Special Focus kiddos out there, too. I don't want to discourage families from adopting them either! They are all precious and deserving! 

So now to feature one of our precious and deserving kiddos:

Corey's file will be going back towards the end of the month. Isn't he a cutie pie? Corey is a happy, outgoing little guy who loves to explore outside. Is that something your family likes as well? Maybe Corey is a good fit for you! Contact me right away for more information about him. Don't let him wait a day longer--he is already 3 years old and needs parent/s who will tuck him in at night and kiss his cheek and let him know that that he is theirs forever and ever.

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