Monday, January 14, 2013

National Day of Service, Saturday the 19th

The National Day of Service is Saturday, January 19th (this Saturday). President Obama is asking everyone to find a way to serve their community. Just imagine what would happen if everyone took a few hours to make a contribution towards their community?

We are offering you some options to participate in the National Day  of Service by helping the community of China's Waiting Children:

Write your local newspaper about your Positive adoption experience. So often, all the news agencies pick up are negative adoption stories. Tell them why adoption is beautiful--both for the child and the family. Or pick a special need and discuss your experience with it. Talk about how adoption from China has changed and there are more boys with special needs waiting for families than girls. Tell them why adopting a boy is a wonderful experience!

Send ASIA a copy of your article or send it to or to share with their communities.

Advocate for some waiting children at your church, rec center, host a party or social event and advocate for waiting children. ASIA would be happy to provide you with resource materials! Just email:

Set up a hot chocolate stand in your driveway or at a park with your child and let them become involved in the National Day of Service and raise money to help children from China. With these temperatures lately, you're sure to earn some money to donate!

Donate to ASIA's Gift of Family Fund that helps families adopting older or special needs children to afford the costs of adoption when they may not otherwise be able to do so. Help a child to have a family that may not otherwise have one.

These are the faces you can work to help on The National Day of Service, or every day!





These little faces thank you for your service!

We make a difference one child at a time. You have made a difference for Cade, Ruby, Colin, Taryn, Brett and Leo.

Now there are more children needing the love of a forever family, a Mom or Dad to tuck them in at night, to feel safe learning how to swim or to ride a bike, to teach them how to catch a ball or make a basket. They need a parent to help them with homework and give them the love and self esteem to grow up to be healthy, lovable and productive adults.

These are the faces of tomorrow needing your help today.

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