Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sweet Taryn Gets a Family!!!

I am so thrilled to share this exciting news--sweet, nurturing, Taryn, who is busy taking care of all of the other children, will finally have a Mommy and Daddy of her own! She will have an incredible family to teach her how to be loved and nurtured and how to be a kid! She will have parents to tuck her in at night, teach her how to swim, and siblings to help teach her English and how to be goofy. I am so excited for her and for her family! She has waited too long already, but at last we can see an end to her waiting. Congratulations to Taryn and her new family!


  1. This makes me SMILE!!! If this family has a blog they are willing to let everyone know about, I would LOVE to follow along!! I know one day when our kids are older we will definitely be adopting an older child too. This is very exciting news!! :D

  2. We are so happy for her and her new family too! :)

  3. Fannie, we don't have a blog...yet but are hoping to have one up and running soon. We DO have a facebook page and will post a link to our blog there when it starts. In the meantime, you can stay updated on some of the things going on in the process. :) This is our second aging out adoption. It's a blessing!