Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day in Baotou

Today was our last VERY long day in Baotou. We managed to see all of the children and do some training with the nannies. Donna visited the rehab facility at the orphanage and showed the nannies how to use some of the equipment. I was able to give the nannies some tips for baby care as well and they were all very eager and interested in learning.

I was able to witness another transformation today that amazed me. There is a young deaf girl who is placed in a room with some children who are nonverbal. She has some very challenging behaviors there. But today I saw her in school and she was a completely different child! She was able to concentrate for a half hour on an activity with the rest of the kids and communicate her needs through gestures. She was even very bonded to her Teacher there. It was like night and day! That Half the Sky school makes such a difference for those kids! What a wonderful program!

Joy will post more pictures for me later--some of Donna doing her OT magic, some of the babies having lunch and one of the Half The Sky school in action.

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