Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Children with Grants

Our generous donor helped me to realize that I may not have been very clear about these kids with Grants. First let me update you--Marie is no longer available. The other 4 who age out in June and July (Jessica, Perry, Foster, Lee and Hansen) are available to families who have dossiers logged in already. They have $5000 grants available to families adopting them! The other 3 children, Leroy, Foster and Heath age out towards the end of 2011. They are available to anyone willing to work like the wind to bring them home--you do not have to have started the process yet! If you don't quite meet the requirements, never fear! Just contact me anyway if you have interest in these 3 boys! Waivers may be possible! They need families and we're willing to work our rear's off if you are to bring them home--we just need families who want to make these boys part of their forever families. There are $5000 grants available to help families bring these boys home, but don't delay! There's no time for that! Let's get these boys home: marcisk@asiadopt.org

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